December 7, 1787
Delaware Day

Annual Delaware Day Fourth Grade Competition

The 2021 Delaware Day Fourth Grade Competition has been cancelled. Stay tuned for the 2022 Delaware Day Fourth Grade Competition.

Annually, the Department of State and the Office of the Secretary of State host the Delaware Day Fourth Grade Competition.

Signers’ Awards, named in honor of Delaware’s signers – Richard Bassett, Gunning Bedford, Jr., Jacob Broom, John Dickinson, and George Read – are presented to top projects representing five geographic categories: Wilmington, New Castle County, Kent County, Sussex County, and a private school/home school category.


  • Excite students about Delaware history.
  • Encourage students to study the federal Constitution.
  • Engage students in a cooperative learning experience.
  • Involve students in research, analysis, and interpretation.
  • Enable students to gather data and synthesize information.
  • Provide students with an opportunity to develop basic research skills.
  • Challenge students to use persuasive writing skills in order to maintain a focus and support a position with details.
  • Empower students to validate conclusions, use a logical order of presentation, use convincing language, define historical events, exhibit evidence of clear thinking, and create visual displays that pictorially represent their findings and/or viewpoints.

Project Specifications

  1. Students will create four (4) poster boards or foam-core board display panels not greater than 32″ wide or 42″ high.
  2. The four-panel display should be developed so that it can be placed on a table, bulletin board, or four easels. Units may be hinged together.
  3. Each panel should contain a heading identifying the panel question. The Delaware Day Resource Packet contains a copy of panel questions.
  4. Responses to questions require student-generated work in a variety of forms that may include written statements, charts, graphs, tables, cartoons, graphic organizers, original artwork, poetry, or other student produced materials.
  5. Students are encouraged to use the Internet for research but are not allowed to cut, paste, or use research or visuals downloaded from the Internet for display purposes.

17th Annual Delaware Day Fourth Grade Competition Ceremony – Dec. 8, 2018

Sept. 17, 2018 – Kick-Off at Laurel Elementary School

Delaware Day 2018

Dec. 8, 2018 – 2018 Delaware Day Awards Ceremony

2018 Delaware Day Awards Ceremony

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