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December 7, 1787
Delaware Day

Delaware Signers and Ratifiers of the U.S. Constitution

Delaware Signers of the U.S. Constitution

George Read9/18/17339/21/1798
Gunning Bedford,Jr.17473/30/1812
John Dickinson11/13/17322/14/1808
Richard Bassett11/13/17322/14/1808
Jacob Broom17524/25/1810

Delaware Ratifiers of The U.S. Constitution (Sussex County)

John IngramUnknown1798
John JonesUnknown1798
William MooreUknown1797
William HallUnknown1793
Thomas Laws17531807
Issac CooperUnknown1821
Woodman StockleyUknown1799
John Laws,Jr.Unknown1788
Thomas EvansUnknownUnknown
Isreal Holland10/3/17506/19/1790

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Delaware Ratifiers Of The U.S. Constitution (Kent County)

Nicholas Ridgely9/30/17624/1/1830
Richard SmithUnknownUnknown
George Truitt175610/8/1818
Richard Bassett4/2/17458/6/1815
James Sykes17251791
Allen McLane8/8/17465/22/1829
Daniel Cummins, Sr.7/23/17366/23/1797
Joseph Barker6/10/17547/12/1825
Edward WhiteUnknown1795
George ManloveUnknown5/30/1799

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Delaware Ratifiers Of The U.S. Constitution (New Castle County)

James Latimer171910/5/1807
James Black12/25/17361794
John James17414/3/1799
Gunning Bedford,Sr.4/7/17309/30/1797
Kensey Johns6/14/175912/20/1848
Thomas Watson1795Unknown
Solomon Maxwell17424/19/1798
Nicholas Way17501797
Thomas Duff9/27/17661807
Gunning Bedford,Jr.17473/30/1812

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